Interim Coordinating Council for Thriving, Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity


The Interim Coordinating Council (ICC) was charged for the AY 2018-19 with initiating strategic and constructive connections among the many initiatives, committees, programs, and offices working to make the University of Richmond a place where all students, faculty, and staff can reach their full potential and thrive in an inclusive University community.”


  • The ICC will identify and bring together members of current diversity, equity, inclusion, and thriving initiatives at the University of Richmond to inventory the scope of those initiatives and identify connections, institutional gaps, and challenges.
  • The ICC will deliver recommendations to the President for how to coordinate and communicate across existing initiatives that will enhance the work of each initiative while ensuring a broader and more constructive total impact across the campus.
  • The ICC will communicate its experience and collaborate with the President's Advisory Committee on Making Excellence Inclusive to further the Committee's work of long-term visioning.


ICC Leadership

  • Dr. Julian Hayter, Associate Professor of Leadership Studies
  • Dr. Patricia Herrera, Associate Professor of Theatre and Dance
  • Dr. Glyn Hughes, Director of Common Ground

ICC Membership

  • Dr. Carthene Bazemore-Walker, Assistant Dean for Diversity, Inclusivity, and Thriving
  • Dr. Tina Cade, Associate Vice President of Student Development- Multicultural Affairs
  • Tara Casey, Director of the Carrico Center for Pro-Bono Service, Richmond School of Law
  • Anthony Crenshaw, Associate Director, Student Organizations & Leadership Development, Center for Student Involvement
  • Dr. Amy Howard, AVP for Community Initiatives
  • Dr. Nicole Maurantonio, Associate Professor of Rhetoric and Communication Studies, Coordinator of the Race and Racism Project
  • Krittika Onsanit, Director of International Student and Scholar Services
  • Dr. Patrice Rankine, CIC Team, Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences
  • Dr. Tom Shields, Associate Professor of Education, Program Chair of Graduate Education
  • Leigh McCullar, Director, HR Consulting, Human Resources
  • Rev. Dr. Craig Kocher, University Chaplain
  • Dr. Shakun Mago, Associate Professor of Economics, Robins School of Business
  • Dr. Thad Williamson, Associate Professor of Leadership Studies
  • Dr. Eric Yellin, CIC Team, Associate Professor of History and American Studies
  • Ashleigh Brock, Assistant to the President, Ex Officio


The President convened the ICC in August 2018. Their final report and recommendations were submitted to the President in April 2019.

Read the ICC final report.