Distributed Leadership

Furthering our goals requires the persistence, collaboration, and ongoing work of staff, faculty, and students across campus. Through an innovative approach we call distributed leadership (DL), UR aims to embed diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) broadly and deeply across campus. The responsibility for and ongoing attention to the University’s DEI work is shared among the President and UR's leadership team—the executive vice presidents, vice presidents, and academic deans; a Senior Administrative Officer for Equity and Community (SAO), who serves on the President’s cabinet and reports jointly to the Executive Vice Presidents—the provost and chief operating officer; and the Institutional Coordinating Council for Thriving, Inclusion, Diversity and Equity (ICC), composed of faculty, staff, and students. Together, these members of the distributed leadership team collaborate with the many others on campus who are committed to the ongoing work of making the University of Richmond an equitable, inclusive community. 

The distributed leadership model centers collaboration and accountability for DEI efforts while simultaneously expanding the networks of faculty, staff, and students engaged in the ongoing work of culture change. The President’s cabinet, the deans, and the ICC form a web of more than 35 faculty, staff, and student leaders actively driving toward our inclusive excellence goals and growing the capacity of others to contribute to our efforts. This multi-dimensional and collaborative approach is essential to align and embed efforts and practices that increase and sustain institutional coherency, urgency, and accountability for DEI work.