Support for Equity-Minded Planning

Many campus units – offices, student organizations, departments, and divisions – want to develop or refine specific plans to focus their diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) efforts. In addition, many people are developing DEIB-related goals for their personal or professional development. We provide collaborative support for units and unit leaders, as well as individuals seeking to develop thoughtful DEIB plans. Our objectives when collaborating with you are to:

  • ensure that planners’ DEIB work succeeds and enhances their core purpose;
  • ensure that plans contribute meaningfully to institutional commitments; and
  • draw on the wisdom and experience of the planning unit, as well as colleagues at UR and elsewhere, to create the most impactful plans.

Here are some of the ways we can work with you to help you meet those objectives.

  • We serve as a clearinghouse for resources related to DEIB planning, including in-house examples.
  • We offer holistic thought-partnering for: 
    • all phases of DEIB planning, including data interpretation, team engagement, and goal setting; 
    • providing outside perspective, which can help identify important gaps or other considerations; and
    • deepening the alignment of unit-level efforts with institutional DEIB goals.
  • We design and facilitate unit-level workshops and focus groups.
Contact us to schedule an initial discussion or to request sample plans or resources to review.