White Anti-Racism

White people have important roles to play in anti-racism work in general and on our campus in particular. The opportunities and resources below are to assist members of our campus community in learning about race, racism, and the practice of anti-racism. Our focus on white anti-racism is also an institutional effort to relieve pressure often placed on people of color to educate white people about race, as well as to support and be in solidarity with change efforts led by people of color. 

Lunchtime Discussion Series

The lunchtime discussion series on white anti-racism is an informal space to discuss and learn about whiteness, with an emphasis on how white people can be better practitioners of anti-racism. The series is open to any member of the campus community interested in the topic. We only ask that all participants keep the discussion centered on whiteness and white anti-racism. 

White Anti-Racism Listserv

The listserv is for members of the campus community who have participated in the lunchtime discussion series, and serves as a means to extend those discussions and to share information. 

Resources for Getting Started

If you are new to the topic of white anti-racism, we recommend the Seeing White podcast as a starting point. 

Facilitated Office or Group Discussions

Numerous campus groups and offices have learned about white anti-racism through discussions of Robin DiAngelo's book White Fragility, Tema Okun's "White Supremacy Culture," and other resources.