Inclusive History

The University of Richmond has resolved to examine, understand, and communicate our past more fully and inclusively.

Our institutional history is neither a singular story nor always one of progress for all members of our community. The University’s past and its legacies intertwine with the City of Richmond, the state of Virginia, and our nation, producing a braided narrative that is at once deep and diverse, complex and painful at times, inspiring at others. Further exploring our past provides an opportunity to deepen and share learning with the UR and wider communities. 

Virtual Exhibit

Our work continues with the first phase of a virtual exhibit, The University of Richmond: An Unfolding History, which will will be developed over time, tracing the institution’s history from its early formation by Virginia Baptists in the 1830s through its now nearly 200 years of dedication to educational excellence. It will consider familiar figures and stories, along with new research illuminating individuals and topics.

Contact Us

If you have archival or historical information, stories to share, or questions related to our efforts, please contact us at