Foundational Work

Building on work that shaped our strategic plan which includes a “Thriving and Inclusive University Community” as one of its five pillars, our President Ronald A. Crutcher charged three committees in the fall of 2019 with considering how we could advance our commitment to ensuring a thriving, inclusive university community by examining the University’s past, present, and future: the Presidential Commission for University History and Identity (Commission); the Interim Coordinating Council for Thriving, Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity (ICC); and the President’s Advisory Committee for Making Excellence Inclusive (PAC). Each was given a specific responsibility and focus, with the goal of producing recommendations by the end of the spring semester. 

As part of the University's strategic plan, from 2017 to 2019, three presidentially appointed, university-wide committees engaged in important work to better understand Richmond’s past; coordinate our current thriving, inclusion, diversity, and equity (TIDE) efforts across campus; and plan for our shared future. Their findings and recommendations informed our institutional commitment to inclusive excellence and final report and recommendations. These efforts built on over two decades of work across campus to improve access and affordability for students and to enhance diversity, equity, and inclusion at UR. Their findings and recommendations were shared in a Making Excellence Inclusive report in June 2019, and we have been pursuing its robust goals and recommended actions. View our August 2021 update to review all of our actions.

You may access and review the final reports and corresponding recommendations of the three submcommittees: